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Pharmaceuticals Marketing and Management

We aim for the development, successful commercialization, and marketing of innovative therapeutic products, which satisfy unmet medical needs. We are striving to secure a unique place in our areas of therapeutic focus by applying state of the art technologies, fostering creativity and developing our people.

Pharmaceuticals Marketing and Management unit of Pragya Inc. provides a full spectrum of market development, product development, sales force management, direct-to-consumer advertising, global product launches, and product life cycle management and targeted communications services in support of product launch. We provide technical expertise in regulatory affairs, industry training, sales and marketing training, international business development, registration, commercialization and management consulting.

We market chemicals, laboratory reagents, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbaceuticals, veterinary products, and health food supplements. We also help companies and organizations to focus their efforts in order to capture niche markets. We maintain excellent partnerships with consumer product companies in understanding the regulatory hurdles and help them in market development.

With superb management skill, sound financial strength, and capability to maintain the strategic competitive advantage provide both the products and service of your choice. We offer customized solutions to each associate company and its products in different markets. Our people work closely with customers and professionals to understand consumer's changing and devise strategies to support our business objective.

Our mission guides us to be a leading research based "pharmaceutical provider of choice" for consumers worldwide. As a team of qualified researchers, production, technical, marketing, management, and sales force, we strive to accomplish the mission through our commitment to high values and ethics in healthcare.

Consciousness on consumer-oriented strategies guided us to futuristic research, commercialization of latest technologies, superior customer service, proficient distribution services, long-term strategic alliances, and advanced information technologies applications. We possess extensive and diverse pharmaceutical / healthcare industry experience and global business expertise. You will find us uniquely qualified to help you meet the challenges of guiding a product through its entire life cycle.

Our day-to-day activities include:

  • Preparation of regulatory affairs documentation.
  • Registration of products with respective regulatory organization and ministry.
  • Trade mark and brand name registration with respective ministry.
  • Market research and strategic marketing for associate companies.
  • Product concept to product development and clinical trails.
  • Obtain import licenses and temporary quotas for products.
  • Preparation of culture and language based customized marketing communication materials, e.g. detail kits, promotional literature, advertising, seminars, etc.
  • Daily retail and wholesales customer visits by qualified professionals.
  • Pharmaceuticals markets and products database management and supply.
  • Systems analysis and development of user specific software for manufacturers, retailers, and hospitals.