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Herbal and Neutraceutical

Herbal and Neutraceutical unit of Pragya Inc., manufactures and markets the time tested quality herbal medicines to the customers all over the world. The growing acceptance of alternative and natural medication lead us to bring the most natural and pure sources of medication.

Herbal and Neutraceutical unit of Pragya Inc. is engaged in developing, producing and marketing herbal medicines, nutraceuticals and food supplements. We apply scientific knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs to meet the growing demand for natural health products.

We use proprietary technologies to improve the efficacy of natural substances and conducts clinical studies that follow the rigorous guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry to provide empirical evidence of health benefits.

The company employs experts in the fields of ethnobotany, nutrition, and various medical disciplines and works closely with major hospitals, patient groups and the food and health regulatory agencies.

All products are manufactured in compliance with GMP standards of high quality control.