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Educational and Industrial Training

Our educational and industrial training company, Pragya Gene Tech Science provides broad based research and educational knowledge of science. Pragya Gene Tech Science is a knowledge based science and technology company. Our value roots into better human life.

Our goal is to provide knowledge of biology and chemistry to future technicians and researchers in the areas of Biotechnology and Genome. Our program and resources would be helpful for scientists, educators and students alike.

We aim to educate those who may not have as much experience with biology and biotechnology while at the same time providing quick access to biology-related resources for those who are dealing with much more specific and detailed information. We do not wish to exclude anyone from this education and training project -- we will assist those who need assistance and merely open doors for those who are interested in finding information on their own.

We intend to educate, facilitate, inform, and direct attention to as many sources of biology-related information as possible. Our course materials and training and education program have been researched and developed by the team of biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and genetics.

The broad based research and educational interests of Pragya Gene Tech Science are reflected in its Education and Training programs. Pragya Gene Tech Science Institute improve public understanding of the life sciences by promoting and providing education and research training to life science and chemical sciences professionals. Current Education and Training programs include:

  • Genome Sequencing and Analysis
  • Computational Genomic training
  • Functional Genomic training
  • Educational enrichment programs to disseminate current genomic insights and ongoing genomic research in the scientific community.
  • The development of training courses and consulting customized to client's need.
  • Real life experience sharing with experienced scientists working in a modern laboratory.
  • Laboratory and biotechnology equipments:

  • Consumables: Kits and reagents certified for high-quality results and convenience
  • Accessories: Selected accessories, replacement parts and handbooks for Biotech and laboratory systems.
  • Instrument Service: Service contracts and extended warranty options to ensure maximum performance.
  • Validation Support: Tools for control and compliance.
  • Training: Courses and self-learning tools to develop and enhance competency with Biotechnology